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EHF Pseudo Champions League

EHF Pseudo Champions League

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Location:Plovdiv, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Website:Spas the Wanderer
Welcome to the EHF Pseudo Champions League cup!
Organised by Asthfghl.
Part of the HIFFA Tournaments group.
Now in association with the European Hattrick Federation.

This tournament features teams from all around the world, from the bottom divisions of their countries, and has 8 groups with 32 teams. After the group stage (3 weeks), there are eliminations and the final is played on the 7th week of the tournament. The 39th edition of the tournament, P.C.L. XXXIX will be played from October 2, 2018 until November 10, 2018.

PRIZES. The winner (if European) will represent Europe in the Club World Cup at the end of the year, where they can win:

- Champion of the world: 6 months Platinum Supporter + 20 credits
- Runner up: 3 months gold Supporter. + 10 Credits
- 3rd position: 1 month silver Supporter + 10 credits

Map of the PCL-XXXIX participants:


List of Pseudo Champions League medalists




IBulgariaTamboerskloofEspañaLa madre del topo c.fBulgariaAnkh_Morpork and DeutschlandFC Süderbraurupp
IIEestiSt. RobertsMagyarországHonolulu SCUSABoise Bits and SlovenijaNagajivci
IIIBulgariaTamboerskloofChinese TaipeiFcb JamanBulgariaAnkh_Morpork and HellasAsteras Syrou
IVBulgariaAnkh_MorporkEspañaLa madre del topo c.fBulgariaTamboerskloof and ÍslandFc Enex
VBulgariaFC Haskovo UtdSlovenskoAC Považská BystricaItaliaF.C. Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto and SchweizFC Lalula
VIBulgariaTamboerskloofBelgiumBlue-Black PUMA F.C.USABoise Bits and SuomiFC Löntystäjät
VIIUSABoise BitsIndiaViolent AIBulgariaBus a Bus and BulgariaAnkh_Morpork
VIIISlovenskoAC Považská BystricaSuomimunkki possutNederlandCocoDim and SlovenskoHrochy - Betonári
IXCanadaNorthSpurShoreItaliaFalcon FlyersBulgariaTamboerskloof and SlovenskoAC Považská Bystrica
XItaliaFalcon FlyersRossiyaSkatBulgariaTamboerskloof and BulgariaBEZO team
XIRossiyaSkatBulgariaBEZO teamScotlandNewcastle U. and EspañaFeyn
XIIBulgariaTamboerskloofBulgariakombaineriteUSAIdaho Incas and BulgariaBEZO team
XIIIBulgariakombaineriteCanadaNac Mc FeeglesBulgariaWildCardigans and ScotlandNewcastle U.
XIVBulgariakombaineriteRossiyaSkatBulgariaAnkh_Morpork and ItaliaFalcon Flyers
XVOceaniaIce-cream ScoopScotlandNewcastle U.Chilehenrys eleven and USAIdaho Incas
XVIBulgariakombaineriteBulgariaFC Lans BatafogaBulgariaAnkh_Morpork and South AfricaMorrischester United
XVIIItaliaFalcon FlyersBulgariaTamboerskloofEspañaRoquen United and BulgariaMontana Bulls
XVIIINederlandHELLKINGSBulgariaGreenBOXRossiyaSkat and Chilehenrys eleven
XIXBulgariaAnkh_MorporkRomâniaSL BENFICA BarladNederlandHELLKINGS and IsraelHapoel INDI Ussishkin
XXBulgariaFC IkonomaShqipëriaTR1920NederlandCocoDim and Nederlandchok dee
XXIBulgariaDunamo(Or)RossiyaSkatBulgariaTamboerskloof and USAIdaho Incas
XXIIBulgariaMacropodusRomâniaSL BENFICA BarladIndonesiaPS BELTIM and BulgariaDunamo(Or)
XXIIIBulgariaTamboerskloofBulgariaMacropodusNederlandchok dee and NederlandHELLKINGS
XXIVNederlandCocoDimRossiyaSkatDanmarkThe Boppers and USAIdaho Incas
XXVBulgariaREDIngUSAIdaho IncasBulgariaTamboerskloof and ItaliaRovigliano
XXVIRossiyaSkatBulgariaBKG UnitedNederlandHELLKINGS and BulgariasuperBGteam
XXVIIBulgariaBKG UnitedRossiyaSkatBulgariaTamboerskloof and OceaniaThe Pipettes
XXVIIINorgeSK RokneBulgariaTamboerskloofSlovenskoFK Hájik and BulgariasuperBGteam
XXIXBulgariasuperBGteamBulgariaTamboerskloofNederlandCocoDim and RomâniaSL BENFICA Barlad
XXXBulgariaAnkh_MorporkHrvatskaALAN FORD 2014BulgariasuperBGteam and BulgariaNoble Dragons
XXXIBulgariaTamboerskloofRomâniaMITRISEnglandBarge Montage FC and NorgeSK Rokne
XXXIIRomâniaMITRISHrvatskaALAN FORD 2014BulgariaAnkh_Morpork and EspañaNew Carlo F.A.
XXXIIINederlandCocoDimBulgariaLevski 1914BulgariaTamboerskloof and BulgariaAnkh_Morpork
XXXIVEestiFC KrendosRomâniaMITRISCanada&*&57 and BulgariaWildCardigans
XXXVSrbijaGeOcHaTnIcK UtdHrvatskaALAN FORD 2014DanmarkBrune Stjerne Egholm and SlovenijaThe_Saints
XXXVIHrvatskaALAN FORD 2014BulgariaTamboerskloofDanmarkBrune Stjerne Egholm and EspañaRoquen United
XXXVIIDanmarkBrune Stjerne EgholmEspañaAtlético PercebeBulgariaTamboerskloof and EnglandBarge Montage FC
XXXVIIIHrvatskaFarmers on the stormEnglandDynamo DoningtonSrbijaGeOcHaTnIcK Utd and MalaysiaSouth Jesselton FC
XXXIXDanmarkHedegaard DKSlovenijaYellow DucksEspañaAtlético Percebe and Crna GoraFK Ekonomis
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