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Това е новият блог на Asthfghl, пренесен от Причината за тази миграция съм обяснил ТУК.

Моля, преди да поствате коментари, обърнете внимание на политиката ми на модерация.

Благодаря. Да се забавляваме!

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Спомен от Флоренция.
Цялата галерия:

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The Urban Warriors have won their seventh Pseudo Champions League title in the tournament's jubilee 40th edition, overcoming Farmers on the storm from Croatia in an epic encounter this last Saturday. The only goal in this tight battle was scored by wing-back Nusret Glušac late in the second half. Thus, TK extends its PCL trophy record to 7, leading fellow Bulgarian sides Ankh_Morpork and Kombainerite, each with 3. Danish team Måløv Football Club and Atlético Percebe from Spain were the bronze winners of the jubilee PCL XL.

Official PCL website
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Atlético Percebe wins 5-0, as Buzu F.C has violated the Hatstats limit and exceeded 356+ Hatstats.

FK Ekonomist wins 5-0, as FC Snebold has arranged an external friendly.
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- New Carlo F.A. wins 5-0, as Paçó has arranged an external friendly.
- Barge Montage FC wins 5-0, as Farmers on the storm is still playing in his domestic cup.
- Hapoel INDI Ussishkin wins 5-0, as Brune Stjerne Egholm has arranged an external friendly.
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Съгласно моята традиция, ето колекцията ми от топ 50 песни за 2018г. :)


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