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Again, there was no indication of the change of terms of use of the Cupmanager website, and many people from the Pseudo Champions League had to bump into an unexpected snag in the last minute once more. Having to log in with an email that most people don't remember having registered, or have never registered at all, and is therefore unusable? Check. Inability to reset their teams or create similar teams to log in with? Check. An admin that requires people to write personal messages to him so he could manually "do something about it", but usually takes days to read those messages? Check.

Well, that's it. There seems to have been a serious problem with Cupmanager every single time the day comes for the scheduled new edition of the tournament that I'm running. Been running it for 35 (!) seasons. Many of the frequent participants are in the top of the Cupmanager rankings due to their long-time dedication to this website, etc...

But there comes a point where enough is enough. It's beyond frustrating to always have to encounter all these issues at the very last moment before a cup should begin, every single time. "Just write to me and I'll sort this out somehow" is NOT how such a service should be run. Again, messaging the cup admin usually takes days to get a response, and scheduled cups can't wait that long. It disrupts entire tournaments, and we've had to look for alternatives, and indeed we have recently used some parallel ways to run our tournaments.

So we finally decided to stick to one of those alternatives entirely. Effective from this month, the Pseudo Champions League tournament ceases all its activities on Cupmanager. The ongoing 35th edition of the tournament, as well as all following tournaments, will be hosted on BracketCloud instead. It's more neat a service, and provides more freedom to cup admins to manage their tournaments as they please, without having to rely on a "write to me and I'll think of something" approach.

I'm sorry it has come to this. It was a good run. But the service no longer meets the expectations of the PCL community, and in my observation, many former users share the same reason for abandoning it.

We wish the Cupmanager admin good luck, though. Running a site can't be an easy task no matter what they say.
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