26 Apr 2017

asthfghl: (pcl)
The Pseudo Champions League XXXIV has ended yesterday. Estonian team FC Krendos has won it from the first try! I don't think this has ever happened before. And what a series of matches he played! Not a single goal conceded. Well done to manager Kobadik!

The score in the final was FC Krendos 3, MITRIS 0

All medal winners have already been awarded their medals in their profiles on CupManager. The medalists are:

1. FC Krendos (EST)
3. &*&57 (CAN)
3. WildCardigans (BUL)

The winner will participate in the Club World Cup at the end of the year.

Scores - group stage: (http://bracketcloud.com/tournament/92710)
Scores - knock-out stage: (http://bracketcloud.com/tournament/92712)

HT Wiki page of the tournament:
Cup's profile:

I hope all participants have enjoyed their time with us, and next season when the PCL returns for its 35th edition, they would join us again.

See you guys soon! And good luck in the new season of your leagues!
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