9 Jan 2017

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Rus.BG: Сегодня в Болгарии отмечают день повитух – Бабин день

8 января (21 января по старому стилю) в Болгарии отмечают Бабин день – день повитух. Особое почтение в этот день отдается всем людям, занимающимся развитием родильной помощи в Болгарии. А согласно народной традиции, в этот день каждая женщина, у которой роды принимала повивальная бабка, должна ее поблагодарить.

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The Brexit and Trump's victory delivered a blow on the liberal media like an extinction-sized asteroid of stupidity. How could the voters have failed to heed the warnings of so many smart analysts, diligent experts and rational fact-checkers!? How's that even possible?

Almost like a chorus, the media were instantly ready with the answer: see, we live in an era that's characterized by Post-Fact Politics. Pushed forward by media organizations like Forbes and NYT, the term "post-truth" became the word of the year in the Oxford Dictionary. A recent piece at HuffPo coined the term "post-truth nation", stating that the biggest problem of our time is not political or economic, not even rational - but the battle between fact and fiction.

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